Lightweight but sturdy, wicker offers a naturalistic yet elegant appeal. These furniture pieces are tightly wound together from many individual wicker strands, making them surprisingly strong and supportive. At Southern Spa & Patio we are proud to carry a multitude of high quality furniture lines. No matter your personal style, we carry something that will fit you perfectly!



Southern Spa & Patio is proud to carry many quality lines, so there's something to fit your style, whether your style leans traditional or contemporary.

What's under your wicker matters! By utilizing fully welded alumnium frames wrapped in syntheitc wicker materials, our furniture brands are designed for the elements & to maintain their beauty for many years!



Our natural wicker and rattan suppliers use the finest quality of natural materials to create a timeless look with many finishes and fabric options to choose from! Rattan and natural wicker are great for sunrooms, keeping rooms, and beach homes and creates a beautifully classic look.

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