Lounge Around in a Pawley’s Island or Hatteras Hammock!

Does the idea of swaying in a hammock between two trees take you back to your childhood? Perhaps you had a hammock in your yard? Or grandma had one on her front porch that you loved to sit in as a kid? Relive the memories with a Pawley’s Island or Hatteras Hammock from Southern Spa & Patio in Downtown Watkinsville!

Now is the perfect time of year to be outdoors and what better way to relax with a book or take a nap than in a hammock? These great swings are a fun way to relax in your yard without committing to a large patio set or if you are looking for something that is easy to move around!

Hammocks aren’t just the rope style anymore. While the Duracord rope hammocks are very popular, there are lots of other options as well including woven, padded or even hammock swings that hang from the porch rafters.

DuraCord® rope is made to withstand the rain, sun and heat of the hot Georgia weather changing seasons without the maintenance and care of cotton rope. DuraCord is not only resistant to abrasion, rot, mold and mildew, but because the rope is solution-dyed, it’s also resistant to staining and fading.

Kingsley-Bate Furniture

When it comes to teak furniture, Kingsley-Bate is some of the best you can purchase and you can purchase Kingsley-Bate right here at Southern Spa and Patio in Downtown Watkinsville, Georgia! Kingsley-Bate use only premium quality teak in the construction of their furniture. And although their business started out focusing on their teak furniture, their designs have grown to incorporate some of the best synthetic wicker as well.

Kingsley-Bate are the very first American company to use the Javanese teak to create their durable furniture. Due to the constant increase in demand for this top of the line furniture, Kingsley-Bate also use a select amount of Burmese teak within its productions.  Whether it is Javanese of Burmese teak being uses, Kingsley-Bate will make sure that you are receiving the finest teak furniture available on the market, along with their synthetic wicker!

Come into Southern Spa and Patio, located in Downtown Watkinsville, Georgia TODAY and check out our latest Kingsley-Bate selection!

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Looking for the Ultimate in Relaxation? Try a Bullfrog Spa!

We all know how busy our daily lives can be so why not relax at home with a Bullfrog Spa? With all the latest technology, Bullfrog Spas are the ultimate hot tub with cutting-edge advances.

Proudly made in the USA, Bullfrog Spas are the only spa on the market with a fully interchangeable, patented JetPaks that offer you a fully customizable relaxation experience. With these interchangeable JetPaks, you are able to switch them from one seat to the next to ensure that you find the space that fits your body the best to gain maximum benefits.

One of the biggest advantages to owning a Bullfrog Spa is that their base and frames are made from a molded ABS plastic that will not crack, warp or rot! Gain peace of mind by knowing that your Bullfrog Spa is going to last much longer than other spas with wood frames and bases.

Traditional spas use a spaghetti like system of tubes and pipes with lots of joints and connections that reduce water pressure and are prime places for leaks to occur. Bullfrog Spas have eliminated 90% of the plumbing compared to a traditional hot tub, which means 90% less leaks!

Now through July 5th, take advantage of special pricing with the Bullfrog Summer Clearance Event. Get free steps and a CoverMate with the purchase of select spas! Stop by Southern Spa & Patio in Downtown Watkinsville and see for yourself why Bullfrog Spas aren’t just another spa.

Dress Up Your Porch & Outdoor Area With Outdoor Flags!

What could be more inviting than a beautiful flag on your front porch, welcoming your guests? At Southern Spa & Patio, we have a great selection of outdoor flags to help make your entryway even more welcoming!

Hand painted by the husband and wife team of Betsy Drake and R.B. Hamilton, these beautiful nylon flags make a great addition to any outdoor area.

Betsy Drake’s flags and art have a more watercolor look to them with undefined edges and more abstract color lines where R.B. Hamilton’s designs tend to be more sharp and crisp and take on the look of a colored pencil sketch. This artist team is from Greenville, NC and spends their weekends at their home on the Inter Coastal Waterway where they draw their inspiration from nature and the surrounding marine life.

Their flags come in a variety of subjects and colors so there is sure to be one that will be perfect for your space. We also carry a wide selection of their outdoor pillows as well to help give your indoor or outdoor spaces the pop of color that they need!

Stop by Southern Spa & Patio in Downtown Watkinsville today to see our great selection of outdoor living goods!

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Its summer time… and what better to get your dad for Father’s Day than a Yeti Cooler of his own that you can purchase right in Downtown Watkinsville, Georgia at Southern Spa and Patio? Yeti Coolers are built with a one-piece construction with no seams! They are practically indestructible! Their heavy duty latches are made of rubber that does not protrude from the cooler. So, you won’t have to worry about them falling off or breaking. When it comes to the hinges, Yeti uses a full-length, rustproof aluminum rod that interlocks to connect the cooler. With this aspect, you will never have to worry about your cooler breaking!

Wondering how Yeti Coolers keep your ice cold for so long? Yeti uses pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane foam in the walls and the lid to make sure that your ice stays cooler longer! Each distinct aspect of the Yeti Cooler is what differentiates them from other cooler products. We always say, “It’s the last cooler you will ever buy” and we truly believe it!  And to top it off, they are available in white, tan, and blue, you can choose the Yeti color that best fits you!

Then there is the newest addition to the Yeti family, the Yeti Hopper! The Yeti Hopper is available in size 20 & 30 and perfect for quick trips and easier to carry for people all ages!

Prepare for Father’s Day here at Southern Spa and Patio in Downtown Watkinsville, Georgia! We are offering 10% OFF ALL YETI ACCESSORIES now through June 20th! Take advantage of our sale and buy your Dad the last cooler he will ever need!

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