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Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

At Southern Spa & Patio, we recognize that food is a big part of enjoying the outdoors!  We’re proud to offer a wide selection of grills, grilling accessories, utensils, and seasonings.  Whether you’re grilling a steak for yourself or serving up kabobs for a full house, we’ve got you covered.  We carry some of the most respected brands in the grilling industry and we’re happy to help make your next barbecue a huge success.

Twin Eagles USA

To create a great piece of grilled meat, you need more than just a master griller.  You need a master grill!  With handcrafted construction and professional performance, Twin Eagles is among the top grilling industry leaders. For more than 30 years, Twin Eagles has been at the forefront of a grilling revolution.  The company excels in its production of both commercial and home cooking products, satisfying new customers every day.  To truly understand the difference a Twin Eagles grill can make, you’ll just have to cook up some meat and experience it for yourself!

Challenger Design Grill Carts

No tailgate or backyard barbecue is complete without a Challenger Designs grill cart.  These revolutionary carts are equipped to fit most charcoal smokers and provide you with the ease and convenience you need to harness your inner grill master. Challenger Designs grill carts come in 5 different sizes, ranging from the small and mobile Economy Grill Cart to the fully gameday-equipped Tailgater.  At Southern Spa & Patio, we typically carry the Challenger Grill Cart with silver vein frame and black panels.  Challenger Designs grill carts will provide your next cookout with simple functionality and a stage to showcase your next grilling masterpiece.

Delta Heat

Creative design and innovative engineering set Delta Heat apart from the competition when it comes to grills and grilling accessories. Delta Heat gives you the ability to take your grilling to the next level and beyond.  With this company, you can find anything from free standing or outdoor gas grills to side burners, cabinets, sinks, and drop-in coolers. Delta Heat products are artfully crafted and built to last with precision manufacturing and impeccable quality control. Spoil yourself with the convenience and efficiency that you and your guests deserve!

Nature’s Own Hardwood Charcoal by Basques

Nature’s Own is designed for fans of the “true hardwood charcoal” that is celebrated by award-winning chefs and backyard barbecuers alike. Nature’s Own charcoal is made from logs of maple hardwood that have been cooked to perfection, giving you premium heat and flavor. With 100% natural hardwood charcoal, Nature’s Own is held in high customer regard for the unique and natural caramelized sugar taste that it adds to every meal.

Dragon Breath Charcoal

Great charcoal can be hard to find, and Southern Spa & Patio is one of only a few area providers of Dragon Breath Charcoal. When it comes to all-natural hardwood charcoal, few companies offer the exceptional quality provided by Dragon Breath. With every bag of their charcoal, Dragon Breath guarantees a rich and full-bodied American hardwood flavor that cannot be imitated by any lesser product. Dragon Breath charcoal burns hot for a very long time, making it a fantastic value for any occasion. The company is focused on giving you the most premium product available. This American hardwood charcoal is likely to leave your cookout guests raving about your food for weeks to come.