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bullfrog spas are built for relaxation and customized just for you

Only a Bullfrog Spa can offer the patented JetPak Therapy System. Each of these modular hot tub jets is designed for a different variety of relaxation.  Some specialize in soothing massages for the lower back, while others may provide kneading action for deep tissue in the shoulders.  No matter what kind of therapy you may need, there’s a JetPak just for you!  JetPaks are completely interchangable and may be easily swapped out at any time.

in relaxation and in energy efficiency, jetpaks make all the difference

Thanks to the JetPak Therapy System, each Bullfrog Spa is customizable and upgradeable. JetPaks do more than simply improve your hydro massage, however.  Bullfrog Spas are developed with the finest technology available to maintain maximum energy efficiency.  With a Bullfrog Spa, you can enjoy a superior level of relaxation while using 90% less plumbing than an ordinary hot tub. It is possible to live a life of luxury while also looking out for the environment and your wallet!

Bullfrog spas are engineered for absolute perfection

Inside and out, Bullfrog Spas are more than your average, everyday hot tub.  While other hot tubs are constructed for premiere relaxation or for eco-friendliness, only a Bullfrog Spa can offer both.  Bullfrog Spas utilize industry leading manufacturing technology and innovative materials to ensure long-term durability and simplified maintenance.

The EnduraFrame support structure is yet another feature exclusive to Bullfrog Spas. This unique frame is manufactured to precise specifications and is made of 100% wood-free injection molded support components. Because no wood needs to be cut or sawed to build an EnduraFrame, all human error is removed from the construction of a Bullfrog Spa support structure. Thanks to this high-tech frame, Bullfrog Spas are aesthetically perfect and extraordinarily resistant to any form of weathering.

If you’re looking for the very best luxury hot tub experience, there simply is no alternative to a Bullfrog Spa.  With a powerful commitment to customer satisfaction and the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, Bullfrog Spas are the leader in home relaxation. If you’re still not convinced, schedule a test soak at Southern Spa & Patio and let these hot tubs speak for themselves!